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Dear Stop N Stor Customers,

Stop N Stor is continually monitoring updates from the CDC, as well as local and national governments, regarding the rapidly evolving COVID-19 virus. Please notate we are making every effort to service you and continue operating as normal, but have implemented a minimal contact process to make everyone feel safe.

Our employees will help customers with their storage needs by staying in the office during normal business hours (Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM) and communicating over the phone and through email. As of 5/1/20 we are allowing customers to enter the office on a one at a time basis. We are still encouraging customers to rent online or at a kiosk if you are able, but are here to assist if you need us. Please be patient as we limit people in the office and wait times may be a little longer then normal, we are just trying to keep you and our employees safe.

Social Distancing:

Stop N Stor uses the latest technology in the self-storage industry and does offer online rentals and online payments. At this time, Stop N Stor IS OPEN, as of 5/1/20 we have re-opened our doors to walk-in traffic. To help protect our customers and staff due to COVID19, we are limiting the number of people allowed in the office to one at a time. Please wait for customers to exit before entering or call your store location for immediate assistance.

Employee Care:

Please note that we have sent notices to our employees about proper and frequent hand washing, as well as social distancing. We have encouraged anyone who does not feel well to stay home and are actively supporting employees who become ill due to the virus with additional paid time off.


We will continue to welcome customers on-site and keep everything operating as usual, however, we have asked our employees to refrain from hand shaking and keeping a distance to protect themselves and you. Please note we will be vigilant in cleaning all doors, entry points, keypads and kiosks.

If you are a new customer in need of a storage unit:

As of 5/1/20 our offices are open to walk-in traffic. We encourage you to rent a unit online if you need a storage space. Find the nearest location to you here: When you find the unit you want, just click “continue” and fill out your information and select “express move-in”. Our employees are standing by to take your calls or walk you through this process if you have questions. You can complete your lease on our website, via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s that easy.

Here’s what you can do if you are a current customer who needs assistance:

  1. Visit a store location, but traffic will be limited to one person in the office at a time.
  2. Call your local office, our staff will still be working on site as usual to assist your questions
  3. Access your unit as usual – if you have a code to get in, you can still access your things 24/7. However, if you are a high risk individual who has a compromised immune system, we ask that you make an informed decision about visiting us our any other public space or business.
  4. If you are a current customer and need to make a payment, you are able to pay for your unit online: We can also text or email you a link to make a payment, just contact us and let us know.
  5. If the site where you store your items has a kiosk, our kiosks can accept cash & credit card.

WE ARE HERE IN THE OFFICE for any questions or concerns during our regular hours of Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM, AND CAN BE REACHED BY PHONE. We also have a call center that is answering after hours phone calls after hours.

It may become necessary for us to reduce access or office hours, limit the number of customers allowed on site at a period of time, or suspend access to all or parts of a storage facility, not just the office area, due to COVID-19. At this time, that is not the case but we will keep all updates on this page. We also encourage you to stay informed with these reputable resources:

We hope you understand and our patient with us during this time of uncertainty. We are making effort to maintain our services while keeping everyone safe. Please do not hesitate to call if you need assistance.

Thank you,
Management & Staff